Vacation Home Property Management Services

At Carolina Getaways, we do Property Management the Right Way! If you are reading this section then you have probably decided to make your vacation rental home help you offset your mortgage payment, property taxes, insurance and maintenance costs. Well youíve come to the right place! Choosing just the right property management company is as important of a decision as you are likely to make when it comes to maximizing cash flow on your real estate investment. Owning a Savannah Vacation Rental Home should be a fun and rewarding experience. Should we determine that you are not a good fit to become a part of our roster of highly rated Four Star and Five Star Carolina Vacation Homes, we can at least point you in the right direction.

Carolina Getaways was founded in 1999 and quickly gained significant market penetration in both Charleston and Savannah. Going into the second decade, we now not only own vacation homes in two different markets, we manage properties in both Lowcountry Georgia and Upcountry Carolina. Our seasoned staff of professionalís serving vacation rentals, extended stays, and short term rental customers are dedicated to the proposition of seamlessly handling all of our guestís needs regardless of geographic locale. And Savannah Getaways accomplishes this at the higher occupancy rates our home owners have come to expect at the very highest levels in the markets we serve.

We produce reservations right out of the gate. Our friendly and knowledgeable in-house Reservations Team prides itself on customizing the appropriate home away from home space to our traveling guestís specific vacation rental needs, regardless of the length of stay or number of guests. Our team is well trained, knowledgeable, and nuanced in every conceivable manner about every property we own or represent. This attention to detail is one of the reasonís we dominate the markets we compete in.

The other reason that our suite of Carolina Vacation Rentals and Savannah Vacation Rentals dominate our specific markets is we have strategically built our brand. There is a reason you are reading this and the simple answer is that you are doing so by design! Our name is well known in the industry, trusted by both owners and guests alike, and uniquely crafted to deliver maximum vacation rental revenue to our owners while simultaneously delivering the most premium homes in the market place at the lowest possible rental rate. To review, we have built our inventory of upscale vacation homes and our reputation for offering first class hospitality whether you are coming to the Low Country of Georgia, the coastal Carolinaís or the upcountry of the Carolinaís and Georgia.

At Carolina Getaways, we not only know every aspect of high level marketing, we co-wrote the book with others in our industry over the years. We are connecting more and more new customers to a growing inventory of vacation homes via our multi-channel marketing plan every day. We are also constantly adding free lance marketing professionals that are personally trained in the process of implementing tried and proven techniques to gain market dominance in additional markets whether you live in or out of any specific market in our robust network. You too may be a candidate to become a team member of our highly motivated core group of combination marketing expert/absentee property owner.

As our high industry rankings attest to, Savannah Getaways has created a dedicated Guest Services Team that caters to answering guest inquiries, anticipates guest needs before they arise, and stay on top of any issue that arises until it is resolved. Our service team rivals that of very upscale resorts. The same is true of dealing with vacation rental property owners in a cost effective manner. We have no interest in nickel/diming any of our property owners which is why we put you directly in touch with all cleaning and maintenance resources for the same discounted cost of sales less the middle man that our other long serving property owners enjoy. We are not your normal property management company. In short, there is a reason you will rarely find a negative review about Carolina Getaways from either the property owners already onboard or thousand upon thousands of customer we have served to date. We like to treat our property owners like we treat our own personally managed properties, the highest level of service at the least amount of cost. We get it!